Intermediation in the international markets
of crude oil and its derivatives

Our main activity in DBTrading consists in the intermediation in buying and selling in the international markets of crude oil, other raw materials and refined products. Every day, almost 100 million barrels of crude oil and 55 million of refined products move in the world oil market, according to the latest official data available.

A growing market that is shifting its gravity centre to Asia.

New players and financial tools are changing a very dynamic business that is decisive for Spain, one of the world’s leading oil importers.


How does the trading business develop?

The trading business is developed from three elements: arbitrations, information and risk. Arbitrations are the imbalances derived from the supply and demand of crude oil and products. These imbalances are the trigger that starts this activity.

“Where the opportunities for trading are born”.

Managing information about these imbalances shapes the opportunities emerging from arbitrations. The interpretation that each company makes of such information, its speed of reaction and its credibility in the market mean that the same arbitration is managed differently depending on who does it.

Finally, the risk level that each company is willing to assume is the alternative element in shaping this activity.



It is an active market 24 hours and 365 days a year, with worldwide coverage and where operations are carried out in real time. “Trading activity has changed dramatically in the last three decades.”


30years ago, it was an activity dominated by trading houses (independent companies with an active presence in the different markets for raw materials), which mediated between producers and consumers of crude oil and products.


Advances in communication, the appearance of new players and the use of derivatives and futures have changed this scenario, making DBTrading an actor with more business capacity every day.


International crude oil and product prices are, by definition, volatile, so risk management becomes a key business factor. That is why the use of derivatives and futures instruments have become a crucial element.

“The development of the derivatives and futures markets has allowed to do things not possible previously, and each company to manage more easily the risks to be assumed.”

“The crisis in Europe means that less products and less crude are moved and that we are all looking, in terms of trading, towards Asia.”


Our short-term goal is to be more active in the US and Latin America, and then there is always Asia. Clearly, that is where the growth lies.



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